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The Sand Glass School

This menu will take you to the different classes we offer:

Glass Blowing classes take place in the main part of the barn. Glass is used from the furnace to shape both solid and blown pieces. Listed below are the classes we offer in Glass Blowing...

Single session workshops

Paperweight Experience

Take your first steps in glass making and make your own paperweight. This class gives you a hands on experience of working with hot glass, working with the instructor you will choose your colors and work with the molten glass to shape the glass into your own paperweight.

No previous experience required.

$60 per student.
Maximum 4 Students.
2 hour class.

Paperweights In Depth

In this class you will delve in to the details of making a paperweight. Mastering each step of the process, from the gather of glass, adding the color, sculpting the design and shaping the final piece.

No previous experience required.

$120 per student.
Maximum 3 students.
4 hour class (if there is only 1 student the class will be 3 hours).

Multiple session workshops

Glassblowing : My First Cup

This two session class will take the student from first principles of gathering glass through to the shaping the final shape. Going through all of the stages to make their first drinking vessel.

No previous experience required.

$250 per student.
Maximum 3 students.
Two 3 hour classes. Classes are usually arranged on consecutive days. Special arrangements can be made.

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